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15 - 16 Seat Edinburgh Minibus Hire

Our 15 and 16 seat Minibus Hire Edinburgh vehicles are fully equipped to provide the highest customer service in the minibus hire field. We have all what is required of us to serve adequately in this industry. Our services are very efficient and convenient for you. Apart from this, the services are also far reaching and cover a very wide area in this industry. We are the experts in providing transport services. We transport business groups, family members, church members, sportsmen and sports women as well as any other groupings of people. We shall offer you transportation to and from the airport, transport to ceremonies, transport to meetings and gatherings as well as holiday touring. We are fully competent for all these services and also adequately prepared.

Our preparation to providing very high quality services starts with our very efficient and reliable minibuses. These are in a different league. They are not ordinary minibuses but specially made for you. TAll our minibuses are spacious enough to carry extra luggage and for you to sit comfortably. The windows of the 15-seater minibuses are tinted so that you can keep your privacy as much as possible. Any other adjustments or special requirements such as baby seats and special entry doors for the handicapped will be gladly fixed for you.

Apart from the 15-seater minibuses, we also have the 16 seat minibus hire Edinburgh service. These are slightly bigger in size and thus more sitting space. We purchased these minibuses to make sure that we adequately take care of any number of customers that we may be having. We do not want you to go hiring an extra minibus just because you are one or two more than the required capacity. However, if your number is large enough and you require hiring two or more minibuses please feel free to do so as we have more than enough minibuses for you.

We are a well established company and we have gone ahead to provide more services than just the transportation services. Having a means of transport is just one part of travelling. Nevertheless, travelling involves much more than just being able to be transported from one place to another. There are services such as accommodation, catering, event booking if you have a meeting as well as flight bookings which need to be taken care of. Your journey would not be complete unless you have all these services. It would be rather frustrating to go hoping from one company to another looking for the individual services. It is more convenient to get all these services from one place. And what other better place could it be, rather than Minibus Hire Edinburgh. All these services are offered by us. Once we get your request we shall move with speed to make sure that we have arranged for all the services. We are much organised and for sure you will be satisfied by the way that you will be served.

One issue of contention in the minibus hire industry is the issue of prices. Many minibus hire companies exorbitantly charge their customers. This is not right and we at Minibus Hire Edinburgh are not party to this. We have ensured fairness and that is why we offer the cheapest prices in the whole of Edinburgh. We offer very high quality services but this is no enough reason to exploit the customers.

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