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Travelling in groups requires a lot of organization. Issues of time management, comfort, and coordination are all a bit problematic if you don't have the right professional help to ensure everything goes according to plan. Fortunately, at Minibus Hire Edinburgh, we don't just provide your run-of-the-mill service, we prioritize our customer's needs, and we ensure your travel is as safe and as comfortable as possible.

What we offer

If you are travelling with just the family and a few friends, we would recommend our top-class 8-seater or 10-seaters minibus varieties that are specifically suited for small groups. Our minibuses are renowned for their high standards and quality service, with drivers whose only responsibility is to ensure you, your family and your friends get the smoothest ride possible, regardless of the destination.

If you are travelling in a slightly larger group, then we do offer 12 seat and 14 seater varieties as well. Note that drivers and other company personnel ranks are held to the highest levels of accountability and are expected to have substantial mechanical knowledge as a precaution. Safety and comfort are the driving factors that we operate under at Minibus Hire Edinburgh, ensuring we meet and exceed our client's expectations.

Next, in line, we also have the 16 seat and the 18 seater minibuses on offer in case your travel group is larger. This option comes equipped with larger storage space for your luggage, a more appropriate setting for persons with disabilities and children, as well as a design that is highly stylish.


There is nothing quite as nerve-racking as trying to organize a group of kids. This is why Minibus Hire Edinburgh has made it much easier by now offering minibus services for school trips. Our skilled personnel are on hand to ensure everything goes smoothly and on time. The organization process can be a headache without the right kind of help, which is why you should let us do it for you!

Our services also stretch to sightseeing excursions. Edinburgh has some of the most unique attractions, friendly people and just an overall feeling of good cheer. Whether you are visiting Roslin, Musselburgh, Bonnyrigg, Loanhead or any of the major cities in and around Edinburgh, we offer a smooth and convenient way to get around.

You may also just be attending a wedding. We offer the best transport services around, with convenience and safety ensured. It’s no secret how complicated planning a wedding can get, especially if you have multiple destinations on the itinerary. We help lighten that load by ensuring all your transport needs are met for that day, so you can concentrate on starting a new life together without a hitch-pun intended.

You may also just be looking for a convenient way to make your flight. Airport transfers can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the routes. However, we offer fast and reliable services, ensuring you never miss a flight. Large groups are challenging to manage, especially the logistics of it all. This is why we insist on our drivers being well-versed in the city roads to ensure the transfer is smooth, timely and comfortable. Regardless of the time of day, our Airport transfer services run on a 24/7 platform.

Lastly, we offer great deals on business trips and corporate events, with no limitations on destinations, especially if you visit different locations. Our key focus is safeguarding your travel experience and keeping it as pleasurable as possible. Talk to us today!

Whenever you need to travel, you must predefine the method of transport that you will use. This is important because you will avoid many possible problems that could have caused many issues on your trip. Good transportation is also important because it will enable you to make solid plans for your trip since you will not base the activity that you will do on the availability of transport. This ensures that you can plan your time in such a manner that you will get ample time in every attraction that you will visit in Edinburgh.

If you are going with a large group of people, it is important to find a better means of transport than public transport. This is because when using public transport, sometimes you can't know what to expect. As a result, you might spend more time than expected in a place and miss a vehicle.

Such an occurrence is bound to bring stress and frustration on a trip that was supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Getting an Edinburgh minibus is one of the reliable methods of ensuring that you travel conveniently to any place that you want to go.

Areas Covered


We are one of the cheap minibuses hire companies in Edinburgh, which is why many people prefer us. If you pick any Edinburgh minibus from us, you can be sure that it will live up to your expectations. This is because we are devoted to ensuring that our clients are always satisfied, and hence we are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that we achieve this goal. We maintain our vehicles well maintained at all times so that our clients will get the best services from them. Minibus Hire Edinburgh is a company that believes that by providing a suitable Edinburgh minibus for your trip, we will have played our part in putting that smile on your face and therefore, we will have brightened your life, making this world a better place to live in.

Although we are a cheap minibus hire company in Edinburgh, we do not lower the quality of our services so that we can afford to provide our services at an affordable rate. This has made us very popular among many people in Edinburgh, among them corporate organisations and big companies. Try us, and you will not regret it.

We purchase our vehicles from top vehicle manufacturers so that we can be sure that our clients get the best. These minibuses will earn you some respect as you travel in them since they will be bearing top respected brands in the automotive industry, and you will travel with a lot of pride. Irrespective of whether you pick a minibus with a driver or you go for the self-driven one, and we assure you that these vehicles will not disappoint. They are very well-tuned to ensure that you do not have any vehicle problems as you travel. This is what distinguishes Minibus Hire Edinburgh from the other companies in the region.

Worry not if you are travelling with a large group that can't fit in a minibus. We also provide coach hire services. Depending on the number of people that you are travelling with, we will provide you with coaches that will fit your group very well, hence providing you with cheap and convenient transport for all of you. Our coaches are well maintained and equipped with many features that increase the comfort that you get as you are travelling inside them. Some of these features include entertainment systems, air conditioners, comfortable reclining seats and GPS tracking devices, among others. You can't get features like these at the cost that we give in Edinburgh.

Minibus Hire Edinburgh also provide airport minibus hire services. These services will add convenience to your trip since you will not have to try and figure out your way from the airport to any other Edinburgh since our minibus will take you right from the airport. After picking you up, you will be taken to all the places that you need to visit, and after you are satisfied that you have accomplished your goal in Edinburgh, this minibus will take you back to the airport.

Of course, this is available for those who have opted to go for the minibus with a driver. If you select the self-drive option, we will provide the minibus at the airport, where you will be required to have a competent driver from among the team that you are travelling with who will drive the minibus.

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