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Minibus Hire Dalkeith

Are you travelling in Dalkeith for the first time? Well a few places within this town will be of interest to you. Dalkeith is a town in Midlothian Scotland on the river Esk. It is the main administrative center for Midlothian. It boasts a wide attraction sites such as the Dalkeith country park, Dalkeith palace, Dalkeith museum among others. To cover these attractions, you will need reliable transport and Minibus Hire Edinburgh offers you that.

Our fleet has an 8-10 seat minibus for small groups of people touring the town. If you are more than ten people, then our 12-14 seat minibus will be ideal for your team. However, if your team is slightly bigger than this, our 16-18 seat minibus will do for your team. For large teams, we have a solution for you too. Our luxury coach hire will just be perfect for you. All you need is to choose the right vehicle and enjoy luxury and comfort.

If you are already in town, all you need is to check in our offices. Our friendly staff will be waiting to serve you. They will take you through different types of vehicles and guide you to select one that is suitable for you. You can also send an enquiry by email and give us your travel itinerary and you are sorted. Our online payment will give you various payment options that are secure and convenient for use.

Your team will enjoy a luxurious ride with 8-10 seater minibus while visiting Dalkeith Country Park. The team will enjoy heritage, history, architecture and wildlife. You will relax connecting with nature and cycling around the park. If you decided to bring your whole team down, our 16-18 seater minibus will be a great option. However, our 12-14 seater minibus will suit your team if you are less than 16.

All our vehicles will guarantee you comfort, class and reliability. They are all in good condition and we always ensure they are clean. In case of an unforeseen mechanical breakdown, a rescue team is dispatched to your location immediately because your safety is of concern to us. All our vehicles have trackers and are monitored 24/7 so all your security worries are taken care of.

Your team will enjoy a visit to the Lord Ancrum's Wood which sits on the banks of river Esk. It will be therapeutic to take a walk through the panoramic view of the woodland if you have visited in autumn. This woodland will offer your team a great opportunity to enjoy wildlife such as waterfowls and foxes. Our coach hire which is spacious and comfortable will give your big team a great ride and make your visit to this site even more memorable.

Minibus Hire Dalkeith is committed to meeting all your travel needs. We ensure that your stay in Dalkeith is memorable by offering you world class travel experience. Talk to us and we will offer you luxury, comfort and safety with any of our vehicles.

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